Adult Cat UFR Fostering 

Fostering adult cats is the primary focus of this program. 
The foster home component of the Undersocialized Feline Rehabilitation (UFR) program serves to provide additional support for the cats at HSGN who require extra-special care to improve their confidence, trust, and behaviour. 
These cats may be semi-feral, scared, sad, or have other behavioural issues and for them, the shelter can be a scary place. Cats who have trouble adapting to the shelter environment benefit from spending time in a home that can provide a calm environment, consistency and that can give the cat more direct and special attention to help him/her become better socialized prior to adoption. 
This program also allows us to accept more cats into our UFR program when we are able to work with members of the community to provide foster homes in addition to our volunteers who work with the UFR cats at the shelter. Foster parents also provide adopters with additional information about the cat’s behaviour in a home which we are unable to learn when the cat is on-site at our shelter. 
We are still growing our UFR Foster Home program and would love for you to be a part of it! We supply all of the necessities required to care for our foster cats! 
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Cat Socializing